Blogging and “The Accident of Touching”

Have often thought the book should be written: “Bone Deep: The impact of touch on the human body and soul” – The following blog speaks to that universal truth.

Deborah J. Brasket

The_Creation_Michelangelo“The accident of touching / is so rare! Sometimes / I pause my hand on purpose / and hope to find yours there.”

These are the last lines of a poem I wrote long ago.

But I realize now that’s what this blog is all about, a way of “pausing my hand on purpose,” and hoping to find you there.

It’s all about touching, isn’t it? Touching others with our lives, our insights and understanding, our memories and dreams, our poetry and art. Blogging meets this basic human need—to touch others and be touched in return.

Peter_Paul_Rubens_105_1We’ve all heard how physical touching is essential to human health and happiness. They say people can shrivel up and die for want of being touched or having someone to touch. A simple pat on the shoulder, a hug, a hand squeeze can make all the difference. Merely having a pet, they say, saves lives.

But there’s a basic…

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Between Terra and Earth

Ok, Ok so it’s a  book for 3rd through 7th graders.  Still, “Earth Times Two” by Pamela Reynolds (1970) was enough on a lazy after-work energy level to see me through to bedtime.  Makes me think of all of the  ironies in  the world and be bold enough to share some of my just-between-you-and-me thoughts.

I think of all the hopeful scientists longing for a somewhere out there to relocate all of we lowly earthlings.   There is of course, this broad assumption that once we locate that somewhere parallel universe, that peace will prevail and scientific discovery will pave our way to, at bare minimum, a comfort we can all tolerate.

What intrigued me in “Earth Times Two” is the challenge to that notion.  The discovered universe was backward in its technology and  on the threshold of tyranny.  Earth was the coveted planet where things grew, naturally.  People were vibrant in there expression, and full of personality and…dare I say, flaws.

This is so much comfort to me.  Comfort in feeling like where I am is the best that is.  And as lowly as this place may be, it still is better than assuming there must be some great elsewhere that is more promising.

I can hear my detractors.  Not imploring me to hope for a “Terra”, but for indeed a great elsewhere.  There is this place that folks talk about.  Most call it “heaven”.  It is for most who believe in such things, the “promised land”.  No sickness. No  pain. No tears. No… flaws.

It seems to me that the secular scientist and the sacred spiritualist find their hopes in much the same end.  Escape from planet earth.    It seems that there is one daunting conclusion in each position.  There will be an end to our beloved planet.  And without a great escape,  doom seems our only end as well.

My own conclusion?  Between Terra and Earth, Earth wins.   Between Earth and Heaven…?  Hope to see you there 🙂

You Are Loved ‹ bhuber1500 — WordPress

You Are Loved ‹ bhuber1500 — WordPress.

My Sweet Valentine —

I will store up praise for You that is just waiting for You to come and enjoy.  The vows made to You will be performed- You hear prayer and unto You shall all flesh come.–

As for my transgressions, You will purge them away.  Blessed is the man whom you choose and cause to approach Thee that he may dwell in Your courts.   I will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, even of the Holy place. 

By terrible things in righteouness will you answer me, O God of my salvation; You are the confidence of all who dwell in the earth. 

By Your strength You have set the mountains in their places.

You still the noise of the waves

and the tumult of the people

You make the outgoings of the mornings

and the evenings to rejoice

You visit the earth and water it and greatly; You enrich it with the River of God

You prepare and provide me corn

You soften the ridges of it abundantly and make the furrows soft with showers ~You Bless the the springing thereof

You crown the year with Your goodness and Your paths are adorned with luxuries

Your goodness drops upon the pastures of the wilderness; and the little hills rejoice on every side.


The pastures are clothed with  flocks

The valleys also are covered with cornValley of Flowers - Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

They shout for joy, they sing —

For they ….. and I are Loved.

O How He Loves Us!!!               ~ Ps. 64